Jackson. I.O

One App, Many Possibility

One App, Many Possibility. Experience the magic of one app with many possibilities – a digital asset marketplace that allows you to effortlessly buy, sell, and trade gift cards, convert excess airtime to cash, and refill subscriptions. The convenience of managing your finances in one place is just a click away. Don’t settle for limitations. […]

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A Love Tale

A Love Tale. As a child, I was cursed, beaten, and bruised. As a teenager, I inflicted pain on myself because if I got used to it, no one would be able to hurt me again. As an adult, my skin got tough, but my heart got vulnerable. Jackson. I.O – Creator.

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Tainted. Children who witness domestic violence suffer emotional and psychological trauma that can have long-lasting effects on their development. They may experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, and behavioral issues. They may also struggle with relationships, school, and substance abuse. It is important for parents and caregivers to seek support and resources to help both themselves and

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Floating Notes

Floating Notes. To those who feel lost and alone, adrift in a world that moves too fast to keep up with, to those who are consumed by the darkness of depression and hopelessness, know this: there is always hope. Even in the midst of your darkest moments, there are notes of beauty and light that

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Wake Up

Wake Up. There are millions of people who believe that they hold the reins of their lives, steering themselves towards the future they desire. Yet, little do they know that the strings of greed, ignorance, violence, manipulation, and societal dysfunction bind them like puppets, controlling their every move. In the midst of their falsely gathered

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Pathway. Humanity is a warrior of the day, constantly fighting against the challenges of life. We weather storms of pain and struggle, always seeking a brighter tomorrow. And even in the darkest moments, when hope seems to be slipping away, we hold fast to the belief that our path will lead to gold. For within

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Not A Threat

https://jumpinoctopus.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Not-A-Threat-Jackson.-I.O.mp4 Not A Threat. Deep within every woman lies a dream that burns with the fire of her passion and determination. With each passing day, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, but still she rises, fueled by the hope and belief that one day, she will achieve what she set out

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Coping Mechanism

https://jumpinoctopus.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Coping-Mechanisms-Jackson.-I.O.mp4 Coping Mechanism. In a world where reality is constantly shifting, where screens replace human touch, and relationships are filtered through a digital lens, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. We find ourselves surrounded by people, but still, we feel alone. We reach out for help, but our pain goes unseen. And

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Ilashe. Spending a weekend by the beach with good music, refreshing drinks, and fun-loving company is an experience that is hard to beat. The combination of the soothing sound of the waves, the warm sand beneath your feet, and the carefree atmosphere created by the company of good friends, makes for an unforgettable time. Brand

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Xchange For Value

Xchange For Value. Xplore the convenience of having a marketplace where you can Xchange giftcards, convert Xcess airtime to cash, and refill subscriptions. It’s not just about transactions, it’s about Xperiencing the ease and flexibility of managing your finances in one place. Official Commercial on BigBrotherNaija S6 Brand – Glover Jackson. I.O – Creative Director/Sound

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