Listen closely, as I speak to you now, Of men who clash and fight, their thirst for power, unbound. With swords and shields, they conquer and wield, Their greed knows no bounds, their thirst for control profound.

And look above, to the gods enraged and thunderous, In their domain, they too battle, with lightning and thunder they rattle. For they too seek dominion, over the heavens and earth.

But amidst this endless strife and discord, Amidst the chaos and the clash of swords, The woman holds the key to the universe, Her power immense and boundless, a force to be reckoned with.

In her womb, the future takes shape, In her heart, love and compassion find a home, She is the creator, the sustainer, the source of all things, She is the universe, embodied in human form.

Jackson. I.O – Creator