Lavender – A Moment In Time

Lavender - A Moment In Time.

In the heart of a sprawling lavender field, a lady found solace amidst the gentle sway of purple blooms. The air was fragrant, carrying the sweet essence of nature’s embrace. As she stood there, a hummingbird materialised, its wings fluttering with delicate grace.

When the lady’s eyes met those of the hummingbird, an inexplicable bond was formed. It was as if time had stopped, and they had entered a domain where words were useless. They became completely engrossed in telepathy, as if it were a secret language only spoken by kindred spirits.

They set out on an incredible adventure through the depths of their minds. Colours and emotions blended, weaving intricate tales beyond the grasp of mere mortals. The hummingbird, as an ethereal messenger, imparted profound truths and revelations that defied regular perception.

It told stories of unlimited love and hearts free of the weight of human limits. The lady, mesmerised, listened intently as the hummingbird imparted thoughts of untapped lands, unfurled dreams, and unexplored horizons. They flew into the vast expanse of imagination together, leaving behind the confines of their earthly existence.

As the enchanting exchange unfolded, the lady’s heart bloomed with gratitude and wonder. She longed for this extraordinary moment to be immortalised to forever hold the essence of their encounter. With an unspoken wish, she yearned for the scene to be frozen in time—a precious memory to revisit whenever her spirit sought solace and inspiration.

When I make art, I capture someone’s wish – Jackson. I.O

Jackson. I.O – Creator